God’s Love Has No Borders

Weekend in Birmingham led by Taizé Birmingham and FaithJustice with Prayer in the style of Taizé

Friday 10th– Sunday 12th May 2019

We invite you to join us for a weekend of prayer, bible study, discussion, community and an exploration of Christian responses to migration.

Migration is a reality of our world, more and more people are moving, some through choice, others are forced to move by conflict, climate change or economic hardship. This movement raises big questions for Christians.

How should we welcome those who are coming to our country?

How should we engage with those who want to close the borders?

How should we engage with the root causes of forced migration?

During the weekend we will hear stories of migration and stories of those who are working to welcome migrants. We will reflect on stories from our own time and stories from the bible. We will attempt to reflect deeply on our own responses.

You are welcome, whatever your level of experience.

The weekend will include regular prayer in the style of Taizé.


The weekend will take place in city centre Birmingham. If you don’t live in Birmingham then accommodation will be available either with host families, or on church floors, we will let you know in advance which to be prepared for.

We will ask for a financial contribution towards the cost of the weekend. We ask each participant for an amount appropriate to your means. If you are in full time employment then the cost will be £20.


Please register at: https://goo.gl/forms/WjCwUPXdJu4t9M0w1

Contact details.

For more information please contact Matthew Neville on info@faithjustice.org.uk / 07938436566

About Taizé Birmingham

Taizé is an ecumenical community based in France. Brothers from different countries and different Christian denominations live together in a rhythm of prayer and community life. The community organise young adults meetings both in Taizé and in other places across the world. Find out more at taize.fr TaizeBirmingham is a local group which organises events inspired by Taizé

About FaithJustice

FaithJustice is a new Christian network for young adults launched in March 2019. The aim is to organise events which build connections between faith and action. Find out more at faithjustice.org.uk

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